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Chestnut & Wild Rice Stew

The history of Brew and Stew by Diana plus a recipe for Chestnut and Wild Rice Stew from Laura


Pumpkin Bisque

The weather often determines the recipes I choose to work on and what flavors I want to highlight. I apologize if I drive this point home too often, however I know I am not alone in this. When the air gets crisp, warming comfort foods hit the spot. A little bit of rain and the promise of cooler days brought me to the conclusion I should make soup. We are fully into autumn now! It is October after all, so today I am sharing my favorite pumpkin bisque recipe. I have tweaked and perfected this recipe over the last few years to make it exactly what I want it to be. I wanted a creamy soup that brought out the flavor of pumpkin, but not sweet like pumpkin pie. Coconut milk is complimentary without overpowering the other flavors. Plus it is such a great consistency adding richness and creaminess to the soup. The warm spices keep the soup grounded with the kick of crushed red pepper for excitement. Feel free to add more if you …