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A guest post from Rachel with her “secret family eggnog recipe”


Black Pepper & Plum Shrub

As a slightly sweet and slightly acidic mixer for craft cocktails or a fruity soda, shrubs offer unique flavors. Dating back to at least the 18th century, shrubs were a good way to preserve fruits when refrigeration was not an option. I became privy to shrubs recently when seeing it on menus around local restaurants. “Drinking vinegars” from a popular Portland Thai food restaurant, Pok Pok, were perhaps my very first introduction. That was a couple years ago, but the trend is popping up around here in Idaho as of late. Turns out drinking vinegars and shrubs are the same thing. Drinking vinegars used to have medicinal purposes, but more recently they are just used for spicing up drinks. Shrubs are easy to make at home in a variety of flavors. I had some tasty red plums on hand that I was not eating fast enough, so I decided to make a shrub from those. I added some black peppercorns for another layer of flavor. Sweet and fruity at first, this shrub finishes with a …